David Visnjic:

- *1987 Sarajevo

- 2010 Bachelor in Media Technologies / University of Applied Science St. Pölten/Austria

- languages: German, English, Serbo-Croatian, Slovene, Italian 

lives and works in Vienna


publications & exhibitions:

Mit allen Wassern | Sonderzahl Verlag 2012 (ISBN 3854493797)

Donau[Kanal]Texte, group exhibition - Lokativ Vienna, 2011

Totally Grown Up: 2 years of Totally Wired Records, exhibition - Celeste, Vienna, 2014

[ portret I ] Portraits 2012-2015, exhibition - Transformer/Quartier21 Museumsquartier, Vienna 2015

Count on us / Računajte na nas, exhibition, - St.Jakob i. Ros, 2016

SPEKTRUM DER BERUFSFOTOGRAFIE Künstler:innenporträts, exhibition, - Bildraum Bodensee, 2023

GRAN BANKROTT - DIE FOTOS DIE VIDEOS DIE AUSTELLUNG, group exhibition, Stadtraum Mitte 15, Wien


visnjic.net is the virtual portfolio for presenting the picture work of David Višnjić. working digital and on film, video and digital film. the displayed content is never going to be complete, but is growing constantly. feel free to contact.

all content on this website is (c) David Višnjić, all rights reserved. 

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